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Panorama Palace Hotel Meta di Sorrento

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Oltre L'Angelo Rooms

Oltre L'Angelo Rooms

Scopri Oltre L'Angelo Rooms, la nuova struttura dell'Hotel Panorama Palace. Godi di tutti i servizi dell'Hotel ma con un pizzico di privacy in più. Sei bellissime camere arredate in stile moderno immerse nel verde a soli 25 metri dall' hotel.

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The Panorama Palace Hotel is situated on the cliffs above the sea, a few minutes from the beach of Meta di Sorrento, the first of the towns which form the Sorrentine Peninsula, and a few kilometres from the principal tourist centres – Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Procida, the Amalfi Coast, Pompei Herculaneum, Naples, Cserta and Mt. Vesuvius.

Given our position, we have a truly unique panoramic view. You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable time staying with us.  Close your eyes and imagine awaking each morning to the beauty of the Sorrentine coast, following the flight of a seagull across the sky above a cobalt sea, losing oneself in the majesty of the white cliffs silhouetted against the bluest sky, breathing in the fresh sea breeze as it gently washes over you....

Panorama Palace Hotel
Hotel room Meta di Sorrento

A charming part of the Sorrentine Peninsula, it’s a small but elegant town and enjoyed for its vicinity to the beaches and for its nature walks that criss-cross the hills above the town.

It’s here that one finds, ready to welcome you with a professional multi-lingual staff, the Panorama Palace Hotel.  Our staff contribute to making the hotel the ideal place to spend a peaceful and rejuvenating vacation in Sorrento.

The hotel provides every conceivable comfort and the rooms offer a breath-taking view from their windows and balconies, which open onto the blue Gulf of Naples and the Sorrentine Coast.

From the balconies and the hotel terraces, one can breath in the fresh sea-scent.  It’s the ideal choice for those who love  simplicity at the right price without losing a sense of well-being.

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